Rangers Colts Season 2021/22


Sat 3rd July –Rangers 0 Edinburgh City 1 (See)

Tue 6th July – Rangers 3 (Weston, Lowry (Pen), Lyall) Albion Rovers 1 (Roberts)

Sat 10th July – Clyde 1 Rangers 2 (Lyall, Ure )

Wed 14th July – Rangers 4 (Hastie, Ure (2), Lindsay) Burnley 2 (Harker 2, 1st Pen)

Sat 16th October – Fleetwood Town Rangers (Kelly, Lowry)

Tue 11th January – Rangers (Lowry (Pen), Ure) Cowdenbeath (Coulson)

Tue 25th January – Manchester United (Garnacho, Ellis) Rangers (McKinnon (Pen))

Tue 3rd May – Notts Forest Rangers  (Weston, Ure, McCann, Lyall)

Thur 12th May – Rangers (McPake, Lindsay) Newcastle United (Stephenson, Bondswell, Crossley)

Competitive Fixtures

Dates and Kick-Off times subject to change.

Sat 17th July – LL Rangers 2 (Weston, Ure) Bo’ness United 0

Tue 20th July – LL Spartans 0 Rangers 2 (McKinnon, Ure)

Sat 24th July – LL East Stirlingshire 0 Rangers 1 (McKinnon)

Tue 27th July – LL Rangers 1 (Weston) Civil Service Strollers 3 (Shaw, Faye, Duffy)

Sun 8th August –LL Rangers 2 (Weston, Devine) East Kilbride 1 (McLaughlin)

Wed 11th August – CC -Dumbarton 2 (Buchanan, Stokes) Rangers 3 (Hastie, Lowry, Weston)

Sat 14th August LL Rangers 9 (McKee (3), Fraser (2), Weston (3), Ritchie- Hosler) Gretna 1 (Ivison)

Tue 17th August LL Rangers 5 (McCann, Ure (2), Lowry, Lindsay) University of Stirling 0

Sat 21st August LL Edinburgh Uni 0 Rangers 3 (Mackinnon, Lowry, McKinnon)

Sat 28th August LL Rangers 9 (McCausland (3), Lyall (2), Weston, Alegria (2), MacKinnon) Vale of Leithen 0

Sat 11th September LL Bonnyrigg Rose 2 (Hall 2) Rangers 5 (Weston, McKinnon, McCann, Ure, Ritchie-Hosler)

Tue 14th September CC Rangers Ayr United (O’Connor, Chalmers, Fjortoft)

Sat 25th September LL Gala Fairydean Rovers 2 (Murray, Chalmers) Rangers 1 (Weston)

Tue 28th September CYL Rangers 3  (Ure, McCausland (2)) Hammarby 0

Sat 2nd October LL Berwick Rangers (Stewart) Rangers (Fraser, King, Lowry, McCausland, McClelland, Weston)

Tue 5th October LL Rangers (McCann) Cumbernauld Colts (Andrew (2), O’Neill, Winter)

Wed 20th October CYL Hammarby (Axelsson) Rangers (Ure, McCausland)

Sat 23rd October LL Rangers (Alegria (Pen), McCausland, Lowry (Pen)) Caledonian Braves (Duncan)

Sat 30th October LL Rangers (Weston (Pen)) Berwick Rangers 0

Sat 6th November LL Bo’ness United (Carstairs) Rangers 0

Wed 10th November LL Cumbernauld Colts (McLaren, Brown) Rangers (Weston (2), MacKinnon)

Sat 13th November LL Dalbeattie Star (Cairnie, Brotherston (Pen)) Rangers 0

Sat 20th November LL Rangers (Weston (2), McCann (2), McClelland) Broomhill FC (Gray)

Wed 24th November CYL Septemvri Sofia (Alexandrov, Stoichev) Rangers (Weston (3), McKinnon)

Tue 30th November CC Cove Rangers (Fyvie (2), Megginson (Pen), Masson, McIntosh) Rangers (Fraser)

Sat 4th December LL Rangers (Ritchie-Hosler, Alegria, McCann, Devine, McCausland, Lyall (2)) Spartans (Russell)

Tue 7th December CYL Rangers (Lowry, Weston, McKinnon) Septemvri Sofia 0

Sat 11th December LL East Kilbride (McLaughlin, Erskine) Rangers (Weston)

Tue 14th December GC Rangers (McCausland, Alegria (2)) Partick Thistle 0

Sun 19th December LL Rangers (Weston (3), McKee, McCann (3), Ure Edinburgh University (Maguire, Lawson (Pen))

Tue 28th December LL Vale of Leithen Rangers (Lowry, Ure (2), Weston, Ritchie-Hosler, McKinnon)

Sat 15th January LL Caledonian Braves (Main, Armstrong) Rangers (Lowry (2, 2nd Pen)

Sat 29th January LL Civil Service Strollers Rangers (Alegria)

Sat 12th February LL East Stirling (Watson, Hamilton) Rangers 0

Sat 19th February LL Gretna 2008 (Ngoy) Rangers (Alegria, Ritchie-Hosler, McCausland, Allen, Weston)

Fri 25th February LL Broomhill Rangers (Lyall, Alegria)

Tue 1st March GC Rangers (Weston (2), McCausland, McKinnon (2,1st Pen), Lyall, McInally, Lindsay (2) Clyde 0

Sat 5th March GC Celtic (Carse) Rangers (McCann)

Tue 8th March GC Rangers (Weston (2)) Queens Park 0

Tue 29th March LL Rangers (Martynuik (OG) Bonnyrigg Rose (Martynuik (Pen), Brown)

Sat 9th April LL University of Stirling (Stokes, Doan, Penker, McGill) Rangers 0

Tue 12th April LL Celtic Rangers (McKinnon)

Fri 15th April LL Rangers (Lyall, McCausland (2), Ritchie-Hosler. McCann (Pen)) Gala Faitydean Rovers (Berry, Lewis Hall)

Tue 19th April GCSF Rangers (McCausland, McKinnon) Celtic (Johnston, Summers) Rangers Won 5-4 on penalties.

Sat 23rd April LL Rangers (Weston, McCausland, McKinnon (2)) Dalbeattie Star (Currie (2, 2nd Pen), Emmerson)

Mon 9th May GCF Rangers (McKinnon, Ure, McCann (Pen)) Queens Park (Ruiz-Diaz)

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