Old Firm Joy For Youths

Celtic 1 Rangers 2

Rangers went within a point of leaders Celtic with a victory at Barrowfield on Saturday. The Ibrox youngsters also have a game in hand over their rivals. Once again the game clashed with the first team fixture so only brief details as I was of course at Ibrox.

After a goalless first half Rangers took the lead through Archie Campbell and went further ahead with ten minutes remaining with a Kane Hemmings strike.  Celtic grabbed a consolation in the closing minutes through their recent signing Bahrudin Atajic.

Celtic:- Daniele Giordano; Richie Towell, Matty Hughes, Declan Gallagher, Jordan Lowden; Sean Fitzharris, Grant Gallagher, Filip Twardzik (Bahrudin Atajic), James Keatings; James Forrest, Patrik Twardzik (Greig Spence)
Rangers:- Grant Adam, Scott Durie, Chris Scott, Darren Cole, Gregg Wylde; Kyle Hutton, Kamil Wiktorski, Rhys McCabe; Kal Naismith, Kane Hemmings, Archie Campbell (Gordon Dick).

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