The landing page has become a bit outdated so I thought it was time I refeshed it. The blog has reached its tenth year recently and I have seen quite a few changes since the first post. Hopefully the changes on the football side will prove to be a positive and bear fruit in the next couple of years.

An active campaign to include “Colt” team within the league structure proved unsuccessful but I feel this is a change that will happen sometime in the future. As you are probably aware Rangers withdrew from the Development League last season to pursue best v best fixtures against clubs from England and further afield. Generally it was successful with only a small number of fixtures not meeting the criteria.

Rangers are competing in this seasons  Reserve League, teams will only meet once giving 16 fixtures. This will enable the club to continue with fixtures against teams from further afield on their free dates.

Professional youth football has returned to where it started with both the league and SFA Youth Cup being Under 18 competitions. These had morphed into Under 20 tournaments, which in my opinion was not youth football. All is not so simple however, the CAS Elite U18 league consists of eight clubs. These clubs will play each other home and away giving 14 games. The elite clubs will then play the 11 second tier clubs once, giving a total of 25 league fixtures. So we will play clubs not in the same league for league points !!

With the younger age groups now moving to a calendar year season, we now have a situation where the U16 group have no scheduled fixtures at the start of 2019. No doubt something will be put in place but it does seem a bit disorganised.

There has also been a change in the younger age groups fixtures. U11’s, U13’s & U15’s will play on Saturday’s with the U12’s, U14’s & U16’s will be playing on Sundays. There should be at lease one 11-a-side age group at home each day at the weekend, although all these games are subject to change.

Over the years I have had a number of requests to provide updates on Twitter. Up to now I have resisted but have decided to give it a go. If it impacts on me watching the game then I’ll stop.

Directions to Auchenhowie are shown below. Auchenhowie is situated on Auchenhowie Road.



50 Responses to “Home”

  1. Lea Says:

    Hi I was wondering if I could get a trial I am left footed and play for falkirk soccer academy I play CM and I am passionate about my club thanks charlie mcmillan

  2. Martins Says:

    Hi. I will like to have football trial with your club. Please i will like to know the date when the trial is taking place. Thanks

  3. Robert Says:

    I’m wondering if u my son could get trails for rangers he plays paisley league division 3 plays for St convals and he plays Lb and is left footed

  4. elfideldo Says:

    I don’t have any way of editing the e-mail addresses of subscribers, I can only delete them. I would suggest subscribing again with your new e-mail address.

    Thanks for you kind comments, I have enjoyed the past seven/eight years writing the blog. There have been one or two issues recently and perhaps it has run its course but I will continue till the end of the season and review it then.

  5. Clarke Muir Says:

    I would be grateful if you would send your reports to my new email address. I really appreciate your work and your writing style is always fair. The boys are never criticised and this is particularly important for me as a parent.
    Thank you for your commitment, your writing would be really missed if you retired from this great work.

  6. nadzmi Says:

    I’m 20 years old & from Malaysia. I really want to join football club but i dont know how to join football club like rangers fc. I hope u can help me.

  7. Dean manzie Says:

    Hi am dean manzie I use to play for a team but it folded and I am just wondering if a I could get a trail by any chance under 15s I am a really good player for my age .

  8. Kenny orr Says:

    Hello , my young son is 3 at the moment and because of my passion for Glasgow Rangers , it has rubbed of on him already , he is a bit young yet but was wondering if you have a way though from Mabey 5years+ or something that I could enroll him in , to be taught and developed properly from a young age in the team we adore thanks .

  9. Aregbo Dumije Says:

    Hi!! Am dumije from Nigeria, am a midfielder hoping to be called up by any club, can give a trial in any wing am been asked to play…… +2348138838048 would be happy if am been called………… Thanks

  10. crowsus Says:

    Maybe you should tell these silly people that they are wasting their time as you aren’t directly connected to the club (or if you are, they or their kids aren’t going to be invited to trials etc based on postings a comment on this site?). The requests seem to have come thick and fast in recent months. It would save everyone the bother in future….

  11. George Udeh Says:

    Am George Udeh from Nigeria, I am a boy of 19 years , i am a footballer that is looking for football Academy in scotland, I play a defensive midfielder role, am good in box to box game, I will be glad if am offer come to me and i am ready to give everything for the love of soccer. You can contact me by +23462054296 or email = NebechiGeorge@gmail.com

  12. Lynsey Carswell Says:

    Hi there. My son plays in a local team but has never been scouted. He is very very good and every coach that knows him has always told me they dont understand why he has never been picked up. I was wondering what i can do to increase the likelihood of this and if boys can come and train with a team even if they are not signed with them. I know he’d be estatic if he could come train with Rangers!

  13. Michael carey Says:

    Hello.looking to get a trial for rangers fc.as aye usto play football for a charity club a can play right wing and right back.hope to here from use soon as.+447479915915 thats my contact number and am aged 17.

  14. Duncan Reid Says:

    To whom this concerns,
    I’m Duncan Reid and I’m looking for some trials with teams at under 20 level as I have been with Rangers before at under 13s but I had to leave due to transport issues. As I’m aware due to my past problem with leaving the club it might not interest you with giving me a trial but I have been on trial with Clyde and Stenhousemuir FC as my pervious club Stirling Albion FC released me due to myself getting injured early in last season but I hope to hear back from you soon and I would much appreciate if I was given a chance to come and trial. I am left footed and I can play in any position but my preferred position is CDM.
    You can contact me through email or by my mobile number which is 07811503891.

    Your sincerely
    Duncan Reid

  15. kelly curran Says:

    Hello my son is 17 he hasn’t got a team at the moment he just plays with adults in work I was wondering how I would go about getting a trial he plays up front right left mid can play anywere really. He has played for Pollock since age of 5.

  16. Douglas McLachlan Says:

    I am looking to see if you are looking for a CDM . My son over the
    Last two year has reached the Scottish Cup final , West Regional cup final ,League cup final and lost league on last second last game of season at U15 level (2000) .And at U16 level reached West regional cup final . He has exceptional talent at a position that I see Rangers have been needing in their first team , also his club team set the team up as how Mark Warburton has Rangers playing which he is transferring down to youth teams .
    He is totally dedicated ,disciplined in this position and has all the attributes to succeeding in the modern game ,that this posirion requires .
    I look forward if you are wanting to contact myself .

  17. Jacqueline McKenzie Says:

    Hi… My son is looking for a team to join… He has just turned 14… He trained and played with Rangers S.A.B.C. a couple of years ago … Can you please advise me how we go about trying out for this age group… Thank you Jacqueline

  18. john wason Says:

    Hi im enquiring on behalf of my son……
    …..lewis,john wason
    11 park road
    He currently plays his football with burnbank fc based at their club house at whifflet coatbridge
    He trains religously two days per week with his team and tops up each day then plays on sundays at ravenscraig
    He has developed a keen desire for winning a ball and his tackling and midfield defensive duties are commentet on frequently even by opposition parents
    He is naturally left footed and is learning the continued benefit of using both
    His will to go forward is based on instinct and the desire to do so however foremost in his mind is the need to cover when his tean are under pressure the majority of his tackles can change from defending to attack in controlled calm decisive play
    Great praise should go to their coach should go to jaime greenock who has only had the team of twelve for a year and has each with their own abillity playing as a structured team
    As mentioned if their are any trials for lewis
    Please contact myself at the above address or nunber below

  19. John williamson Says:

    Hi my son played at dumbarton f.c has to go back nxt season for pre-saeson but looking to require better development so a was wondering when trials at rangers would be he is to move up to the u17s he plays anywere at the front he is the main striker.

  20. Cheryl turner Says:

    Hi, my son is 12 years old coming up 13 and I was wondering if he could get a trial as I would love to see him playing for Rangers

  21. kelly Says:

    Hello my sin is 16 years old almost 17 he has played football since age 5 he hasn’t got a team thou he plays a Tuesday night with my partner and his work colleagues whom are all 30 upto 40 and they advising I try find my son a team he can play all areas I was just wondering if yous hold trials for 16 year olds would appreciate any advice giving

  22. Robert wedlock Says:

    Hi there,I’m enquiring about your under 12s squad,my daughter is interested in joining the squad,she is 10,11 in July,she used to train with Glasgow girls,she is currently in a streetdance crew who are current under 14 world champions but she really wants to go back to football,I’d love to hear back from you regarding training times and fees,thanks for your time

  23. P Cameron Says:

    Hi I would like to know how to go about trials or joining your academy his name is Jay Cameron and plays for Dumbarton under 17 but is progressing to the 20’s d.o.b 7/4/99 but have just found out tonight that Dumbarton are no longer going to have an under 20’s which means my son is no longer going to have a club to develop in, I would be very grateful if you could possibly give my son the opportunity he deserves he has been playing football all his days and dedicated all his time to football and now this has happened please can you help
    P Cameron

  24. John Black Says:

    Hello I was wondering if I could get some information on how to get my son a trial with you.
    He and I are Rangers mad , he plays for his local team Castlecaufield Youth in Co Tyrone Northern Ireland. I know it is a massive ask but he is a talented young player, he is 12 years old and likes to play on the wing.
    Please if you could get in touch to see how it works, his name is William and would love to get a chance
    Many Thanks John

  25. Hiwot Chemu Says:

    Hello, my son’s name is Emmanuel and he is 10 years old. He plays for giffnock soccer centre although he would like to join rangers academy. His position is right back and defence. I would be grateful if you advise me how to enter him trials in Rangers academy.

  26. Kym Says:

    Hi I have a son who has just turned 11 and I would like to know how he could apply for ur academy . If there is any way possible. He plays for a local team just now and has done since he as 5 years old . He is top goal scorer at the moment and I feel he is needing something more challenging and helps that he is a rangers season ticket holder and loves the club lol !

  27. Willie Says:

    Hi I moved to New Zealand when I was 11 years old. Now passed my prime I have a son playing under 14 at top nz level. Made all the talent centres etc. would love to give him a chance to see if he has what it takes to make top Scottish level. Can anyone help with information or contacts. My e mail is willie_robyn@xtra.co.nz. Hope someone can assist. I have family in Scotland but they can’t help.

  28. tracy mcColl Says:

    Hi my 13 year old son love’s playing football and plays in all weathers he plays after school I’ve been looking to get him into a club we live in Bridgeton Glasgow.

  29. ari Says:

    hi i would like to see my son playing for rangers he is 12 years he plays LM AND CAM HE IS 5.4 FT please for more ditle contact whith me this email many tanks

  30. ari Says:

    hi my names ari i would like like if my son who is 12 years 5.4ft if he can get scouted so he can get trils for more ditle contact whith me and many tanks

  31. Ryan agnew Says:

    Hi iam Mr Agnew enquring about my son Ryan Agnew who wants to play for rangers boys he’s 13 his birthday is 25/04/2002 could you let me know how I can get him trial for joining please my .number is 07468898232

  32. Don Wan Roberto Says:

    So what happens to tarik fagrach is he a trialist and never signed or is he away home

  33. Drew McKenzie Says:

    Hello, would you please be able to forward me the e-mail address’ for Andy Kirk and Gardener Spiers ?
    Thank you very much
    Drew McKenzie

  34. Leanne murray Says:

    Hi there my we boy is currently with a football team and usually plays on a sunday against other academies, he’s 08s and doesnt like one of the coaches and therefore is wanting to move to a different team, so i would be grateful if you could let me know thanks very much

  35. elfideldo Says:

    Seems to be an urban myth that he signed for Rangers

  36. tam burns Says:

    What has happened to the boy Fagrach(spelling)?
    Can’t find any trace of him.

  37. Robert Wedlock Says:

    Hi there my name is Robert Wedlock,my wee daughter abbies aged 10 is interested in playing in your clubs youth team,she is current ly doing streetdance and played for Glasgow girls in the past,I was wondering how we go about getting her playing for yourselves

  38. Paul agnew Says:

    Hi was wondering to see getting my boy to apply for rangers youth team under14s 2002 could contact either email phone or text please my number is 07468898232, my boy is playing with club but wanting something biggar he’s played striker being playing since been 5yrs old cheers.

  39. Jamie Anderson Says:

    My little brother currently plays with falkirk he’s 14 and plays in the 2001 squad he’s probably the best player in the side + he’s looking to play with better players What can i do?? Thanks

  40. Robert Mcclelland Says:

    Hi I am looking to get my son a trial with Rangers. He currently plays under 16s eja for Biggleswade town in the Hertfordshire league very high standard of coaching and football. He also play for Dominic balls father tim at welwyn garden city 18s….we have an offer already for academy football when he turns 16 next year. He is a big strong centre half who plays out from the back. Thxs for your time.

  41. Emma McLean Says:

    I’m a coach with Beith Juniors 2006 team and was hoping to arrange a possible friendly match soon.
    If you could get in touch that would be greatly appreciated thanks

  42. Christine lloyd Says:

    Hi there looking for a football team for my 14 year old son

  43. elfideldo Says:

    Hi Keith, this is just a fan’s blog I would suggest you contact the club directly.

  44. Keith Anderson Says:

    Hi, I am an expat Rangers fan living in Canada. We are coming home in December for a visit and I wondered if there was any chance my son could train with a team. He plays u10 in the top division in Calgary and seems to have potential. It would be a great experience for him to see the set up.

  45. Sharon bryers Says:

    Hi my son is 12 years old he likes to play football. He is wondering if he can play for rangers

  46. aree Says:

    hi my son is 12 years old and he plays for heis school team he allready scouted by celtic and st mirren but he is not intresting to have trials whith them .

  47. Angela oliver Says:

    Hi I’m interested in my son joining the boys club. He is 7 years old and is showing potential. He is currently with Broomhill boys club but I feel I want something better for my son. I would be grateful if you would give me a call or email on any information about joining the club.
    Many Thanks
    Angela Oliver

  48. Rosey Says:

    Hi my son is 11 and was wondering how to get him into the football team

  49. Stuart. Kenny Says:

    Mailing regarding my son kieran kenny d.o.b 07/02/1997, currently plays in the south of Scotland league for fleet star Fc.kieran.played for st.cuthberts Fc last season,very highly regarded throughout the league, rated as one of the best youth prospects in South of Scotland, your academy has a wonderful reputation we were wondering if you’d be interested in offering kieran a trial, feel free to contact us on our email address thanks yours in sport stuart kenny.

  50. allan deans Says:

    Hi there am looking though websites and stuff for a football team I am just turned 17 I was looking at rangers and seen this has the best youth system and I would love a crack at it let me know soon as you can if I can get a trail here is my number to 07780235807

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