As the blog enters its 12th season and with the changes in youth football I thought it would be an idea to update the landing page.

Starting with a brief explanation of what the blog is. It was started to fill a gap in the clubs youth coverage and I try to provide updates and reports on any youth games I attend. This can be any 11-a-side age group from Under 13’s to Reserve/Under 20’s. What it isn’t is an opinion on the merits of players at the various age groups. My opinion on players is irrelevant and I think I am quite successful in keeping my reports opinion free. I would always encourage anyone to come along and form their own views on the youth teams and players.

Once again a campaign to include “Colt” teams within the league structure proved unsuccessful and with Rangers withdrawing from the Reserve League an alternative fixture package has to be put in place for Reserves/Under 20’s. Competition will come in the form of the Challenge Cup and the Glasgow Cup. This will be supplemented with high profile challenge matches and games against Manchester United, Chelsea and Ajax have been scheduled for the early months.

There has been an agreement reached for the Glasgow Cup round robin phase where Rangers and Celtic U21’s will take on the senior teams of Partick Thistle, Clyde and Queens Park. This is a great idea in theory but I feel in the depth of a season these clubs will prioritise their league campaigns and there lineups will reflect that.

At under 19 level Rangers will be competing in the UEFA Champions Youth League and hopefully we can progress through a few knock out rounds to face a club that have progressed from the groups.

Competitive professional youth football is back to where it should be in my opinion under 18’s. Rangers will set out to defend their league and cup double from last season.

Now this is were it gets complicated !!

Age groups up to Under 16’s are now playing a calendar year season from January through to December. The younger age groups do not play for any points and there is no league structure. The Under 16’s do play in a league and are effectively halfway through the season, with the league concluding in December.

As this group will progress to the Under 18 squad and a conventional August to May season in 2020 they have a six month period in limbo. I would assume there will be as of the season past, an CAS Cup competition over this six month period. Consisting of group stages followed by a knockout phase.

The CAS (Club Academy Scotland) fixtures are nominally set as follows. U11’s, U13’s & U15’s will play on Saturday’s with the U12’s, U14’s & U16’s¬† playing on Sundays. There should be at lease one 11-a-side age group at home each day at the weekend, although all these games are subject to change..

Directions to The Hummel Training Centre are shown below. The Hummel Training Centre is situated on Auchenhowie Road.


3 Responses to “Home”

  1. elfideldo Says:

    I think players are taken in to the pre academy at around 6 or 7. The players are scouted playing for their boys clubs. They continue to play with their boys and train with Rangers. At 10 they can be taken on to play U11’s with Rangers.

  2. Colin Thomson Says:

    How old do you need to be to tran through the rangers youth academy please

  3. wilkinssscreamer Says:

    keep up the great work!

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