The blog is getting set for its 8th season with the first youth fixture against Airdrie scheduled for next Tuesday (15th July).

There have been a few changes in pro-youth since the blog started so much so that there effectively isn’t any competitive pro youth leagues for Scotland’s top clubs. This means Scotland is now out of step with every other significant league in Europe. The Under 20 League or to give it its new name The Development League, is not a youth league, in most countries U20 would not really be considered youth and with the number of over age players allowed it is effectively a reserve league.

A review of last season is a bit complicated, runners-up in the under 20 league in my opinion means little. By Under 20 most teams have two or three players in and around the first team, clubs see more benefit from sending players on loan, this was shown by the fact that Rangers played against at least a full team of Under 20 players who were on loan at League 1 clubs last season.

So few clubs would field their strongest side and some clubs fielded very young teams either through choice or due to certain circumstances. It is a damning stat that no U17 player started an Under 20 league game for Rangers.

Where as I was delighted to see us win the Youth Cup, which has morphed from an U18 tournament to also be an U20 competition, but at least it is a true U20 tournament with no overage players. There were a few decent performances in the tournament although victory in the final via a penalty shootout was down to an off night from the Hearts keeper.

As a club we have quite a few full-time players who played very little competitive football. Any U17 players in this category were pretty much limited to the seven Glasgow Cup ties for their competitive fix. Overall The Glasgow Cup was disappointing losing to Celtic in the final, but the low point was being completely out played by Partick Thistle in a 2-1 defeat at Lochinch.

As is the norm a batch from last season’s Under 15’s are stepping up to form part of this season’s Under 17 squad, which I’ll catch up on in the coming weeks.

For the third time in as many years a highly rated youngster has chosen to continue their career elsewhere, with Charlie Telfer moving to Dundee United. If this isn’t a concern then I don’t know what would be, and if stories of administrative incompetence are true it should be a bigger worry. Having watched Charlie come through the age groups I am sorry to see him go and I wish him all the best in the future and will still watch his progress with great interest.

The club starts development games against the other Scottish clubs from Under 11’s, with squads at 12’s, 13’s, 14’s, 15’s and of course 17’s.

The four older age groups usually play on Sundays, two at home and two away, again against the same club. These games are 11-a-side and usually consist of three 30 minute periods,  the under 17’s being the exception, playing the standard 45 minutes each-way, players can come on and off through out. Directions to Murray Park are shown below. Murray Park is situated on Auchenhowie Road.

No results are recorded or points awarded at any of the age groups, the focus being on (allegedly) player development. The clubs are discouraged from publishing any details/scores from these games. If there is any major news or developments from the younger age groups I’ll post them here.

115 Responses to “Home”

  1. Ryan kane Says:

    If there is any 2000 trials can u let me know thanks

  2. lisa ramsey Says:

    hi am looking to get my 11 year old son into rangers boys club how do a go about doin this x

  3. KellyannHalpin Says:

    Hiya am trying to get my wee boy into a team he’s nearly 9 he plays for his school in trains with charley Miller aswell he’s great plz mail me bk thanks x

  4. Stuart hill Says:

    Any 1999s trials going ?

  5. Amy Says:

    Hi. I am trying to obtain a contact number for Colin Ritchie – is this something you could help with? Thanks

  6. Julie Leitch Says:

    Hi, I’m looking for information regarding any impending trials for under 12’s please. Thanks, Jools

  7. John Buchanan Says:

    Hi there.

    My son is 10 in July with exceptional talent I feel would do better under a youth development programme. He is currently playing for kilsyth athletic and doing very well. Would appreciate getting some feedback.


  8. Emma Says:

    Hi can I apply for trails for the girls under 17s team please, could you email me back thanks, it would me and a few friends thanks.

  9. Connor fay Says:

    Can I apply for the team I want to play for a team and I have already played for a team but I am to old now and it is the under 13s I need to play for

  10. Connor fay Says:

    I want to apply for the team

  11. Liam Turner Says:

    is there any under 11s trials.

  12. Jack Harper Says:

    If theres any trials for 2001s could you contact me cheers.

  13. ️AJ Forrest Says:

    Hi I am AJ Forrest im under 13s and I was wondering if I could have a trial pls.

  14. Washington tend aisle Chikomba Says:

    Hi I was wondering if you have any trials for under 15’s at the moment

  15. APPIAH ERIC Says:

    and am 16years and i went to know how can i join your youth team u 17..or u can call me for trails….Thank you….

  16. Martine Brown Says:

    Hi elfideldo, it’s super cooper from gersnets wife. Just wondering how boys get involved with the under 11s rangers squad. Mj is at the soccer school this week and he was asking about it.

  17. Gospel Ocholi Says:

    Hi I am 11 years old and I want to ask when are the trials.

  18. prince-rich Says:

    Hi my name is prince-rich I’m 17 years old and i would like do the trial. I have played professional before whit Bk häcken academy in Sweden and I’ve just moved to the UK. My number is 07773620505.

  19. William Ogilvie Says:

    Hi when is your trials am born in 1999 can you contact me with information thanks 07740340878

  20. scott connelly Says:

    Hi when is your trials am born july 13 1998 and I play right back but I can also play anywhere in midfield can use contact me on this number when the trials are 07821 482797

  21. Evan Meyer-McDonagh Says:

    When are trials for u15s I play for dunoonYFL but have a lot of experience with pro youth such as Greenock Morton and played for west region.
    Please reply thanks.

  22. aboubakar kone Says:

    Hi my name is aboubakar Kone I was born Africa I’m 18 years old my positions are left mid or cam or striker this is my contact number 07478681274 please reply cheers

  23. Tommy Mclaughlin Says:

    I am just wondering when your trials are I am 16 born 11/04/98 I don’t play for a team right now but fitness is really good

  24. Mark Says:

    Hi my son is 13 and training with a pro youth club when is your trials.

  25. Aiden Brotherton Says:

    just turned 15 would like to go on trial just left greenock morton please get back to me would mean lots thanks

  26. Mark Donoghue Says:

    Looking to go pro youth have had trials with raith rovers but want given the chance I’m just turned 15 this year and still eager to play and become a pro I play full back on both sides as I’m both footed a reply would be great can also play sweeper and holding midfield, contact me at mdonoghue315@gmail.com

  27. alex mcdougall Says:

    hi my son turned 18 on august do you have trials for his age he has just left elderslie fc he plays midfield striker or out wide

  28. Chrissy Macdonald Says:

    Is there any trial dates for a 15 year old striker?

  29. Peter Healy Says:

    Do you have any trial dates for boys under 12’s please

  30. Lindsey smith Says:

    Hi i was wondering if u could tell me the trial dates for my 13 year old son please

  31. junior gweth Says:

    is there an under16 trails

  32. Paul Cassidy Says:

    My boys team are playing the 17s a week on Monday he plays with Ayr United

  33. Craig Says:

    does rangers hold any sort of trials for 17 year olds. from northern ireland by the way

  34. K Mowatt Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any spaces left for a trial for the Rangers U17’s team, or if I could get any information. Please be willing to email me information if you can at kyle.mw@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks.

  35. Natalie Says:

    Hi I’m just wondering if yous have a girls under 19 team? Thanks

  36. elfideldo Says:

    In my opinion Charlie has a chance of making the grade at a decent level and having watched him for a number of years I would wish him all the best in his future career. The 50-60k that we are will get is a significant figure for Dundee United and not something they would pay lightly, this is an indication of how highly they rate him.

  37. Wilkins' screamer Says:

    how good is telfer?

  38. harry Says:

    Any trials for u17s

  39. zak ball Says:

    Hi am 10 years old I always watched the matches I’m a no 1 fan. Can you email me trial dates

  40. reiss Says:

    How do you get trials with one of the teams looking to get trials with the under 14s

  41. elfideldo Says:

    Just sent a reply Jason

  42. JL Says:

    I just sent you an email — please let me know if you receive it. Thanks!

  43. Mahdi Says:

    Hi Iam Mahdi 17 year old I play for west park academy I big fan of rangers I would like to get trail with ranger under 19s plz contact me

  44. elfideldo Says:

    Of course

    You can e-mail me from the front page of the blog, rfcyouths@btinternet.com

  45. JL Says:

    Hi – I was wondering if you’d be willing to answer a few questions for a post I’m working on. I run therangersreport.com & would love to get your input on Rangers youth players & system.

  46. John Smith Says:

    Thanks for your help

  47. elfideldo Says:

    There isn’t an U16’s.

    The 14’s & 17’s fixtures are on the home page, the link is

    CASGP1 – Second Half v6 (1)

    These only give the proposed date for the games, there are no kick off times and the dates can change. Best idea is no call Murray Back and get kick-off times

  48. John Smith Says:

    Do you have fixture details please for under 14’s, under 16’s and under 17’s please?

  49. J Holland Says:

    My son is playing u17 in the eastern junior alliance league and u18 in the football conference youth alliance league and would like to trial or have a couple of games watched by a scout. Is this possible as I live in London ? Or could I get some info on who to speak to or what to do.

  50. allan walker Says:

    I’ve supported rangers all my life and I’ve just gave up coaching a team called salvesen boys club which I had 2 players from my team go up to Murray. Park the players were jay Doyle. And dean Carr dean is now playing with berwick. rangers but I still take in some games and I would like to do some scouting for the club in the Edinburgh area. As I’ve got my disclosure. And 3 coatching certificate thanks for reading my E mail

  51. Miguel evora Says:

    Good afternoon was wondering if someone could tell me what days are available in glasgow rangers inflows under 18’m Portuguese and I live for scotland …

  52. peter stoney Says:

    My boy is Danny stoney

  53. elfideldo Says:

    The only contact I am aware of would be through the club website

  54. Alan Shanks Says:

    Is there an email contact.

  55. elfideldo Says:

    Auchenhowie Road
    G62 6EJ

  56. Alan Shanks Says:

    Has anyone got an idea of the email address to contact Murray park directly? Many thanks.

  57. Barry Gray Says:

    Try make it , will be a great day ,see a great footballing side .

  58. elfideldo Says:

    Wish I’d known earlier, don’t think I will make it.

  59. Barry Gray Says:

    U13s taken part in tournament ,sunday 13th at stennie ,dundee utd ,everton &others ,cmom the wee bears

  60. Moses Ashikodi Says:

    Keep up the good work mate. I was wondering how Glody Ntumba was getting on and do you think Burrows will eventually be in the 1st team?

  61. elfideldo Says:

    I generally only find out about games the week before. Last weekend was the last scheduled week before the new year. The 15’s play Hibs on Saturday in a friendly, other teams play Aberdeen on Sunday in games that were postponed. I believe all teams play Hamilton the following week in friendlies, I haven’t heard anything about games v St.Mirren, yet.

  62. James Says:

    Under 15,s play St. Mirren sometime early in December any info on this.Thanks

  63. scott Says:

    No probs, keep up the good work!great site.

  64. elfideldo Says:

    Sorry about that, thanks for the correction and I’ll get it right from now on

  65. scott Says:

    Hi, just to update some info on the u14’s , player Dean Pitchen’s surname is actually Dean Picken.just for future reference thanks.

  66. elfideldo Says:

    Thanks for the info, I’ll update and know for any future reports.

  67. Azo Says:

    the Jay???? in the Under 14’s is Jay Willis and he signed in June 2012 from Musselburgh Windsor 99’s he’s left mid/striker who got Man of the Tournament Award for the Scottish Cup 2011/12.

  68. elfideldo Says:

    Hi John, If you give me a bit of time I’ll look at this. I’ll list the players I know that have been through Murray Park and broke into first team at both Rangers and other clubs.

  69. john webster Says:

    how many players have moved up to senior ranks from murray park i would include young who have recenly been given starts in div.3 games if possible give names but if not numbers will do
    john webster

  70. elfideldo Says:

    Hi Alan you would have to contact the club directly, this is just a fan’s blog and does not have any official connection.

  71. alan thomson Says:

    Hi there i have two young boys 9 and 11 .
    They have recently played with crookston utd unfortunatly they never enjoyed their time there and are looking for another club.
    I was wondering if rangers could maybee offer anything to further there developement .
    I would be grateful if you could help with information as to where they ciuld go next .
    Many thanks …

  72. Judith Marshall Says:

    Blair Docherty signed for Rangers under 14,s in July his first game was against Falkirk, thanks for the update.

  73. elfideldo Says:

    Thanks for the info, post now updated.

  74. Judith Marshall Says:

    The missing name on the rangers under 14’s who played at murray park on the 28th July against Falkirk is Blair Docherty.

  75. elfideldo Says:

    I believe they lost 1-0 in the final

  76. Clive Says:

    cheers Elfid, will let you know if I find out.

  77. elfideldo Says:

    I only know they play Torino in the final, they won three and drew two of their previous games. Been trying to find more details online but no luck so far.

  78. Clive Says:

    Anyone know which tournament in italy the U14s have gone to?

  79. millsy Says:

    both 15s and 17s 11am kick off stirling uni

  80. elfideldo Says:

    As I said in my previous reply Sunday’s game against Falkirk is at Stirling University. No details on game beyond this week yet.

  81. md Says:

    Falkirk sun 11am where is it played ? Then celtic may 5th wheres that played, sorry to be a pain but dont wanna turn up n not get in.

  82. Craig Says:

    Any views on the Dail Record article highlighting stars of the future? You have previously mentioned Mackay, Gallagher, Mcleod, Witorski – are these guys continuing to perform and are more coming through? Thanks

    Replied by e-mail

  83. Chic Sharp Says:

    Hi there!

    I used to go over regularly to Auchenhowie while it was being built and have to say from the outside it looks great! I have some practical questions to raise and would be grateful for answers:

    I took great pride in forking out hard earned cash at Ibrox for those Auchenhowie vouchers helping to pay for Auchenhowie and having read the site cost in the region of £13m to build and costing around £3m to maintain I was wondering what was the total money collected at Ibrox prior to games and how it fitted with the financing of our training ground. I did call Rangers re this and was put through to John Greig who answered “how the f**k should I know?”. I hung up naturally!

    Also, wouldn’t it make sense to allow fans perimeter access at Auchenhowie to watch the players train and to see the youngsters play for a relatively small sum of say £5 – wouldn’t that a) help with our finances and b) create a better bond and sense of inclusion?

    There are parts of Auchenhowie where the wind kicks up a fair bit – seems to me that as it costs so much to maintain the site electricity would be a part of that and that a small wind turbine there would pay for itself in quick time! I did write to Ibrox about the idea for our Stadium and got a polite but dismissive letter back.

    Apparently if we don’t qualify for the group stages of the CL we are running over budget by around £10m so isn’t it time to utilise all our assets?

    One last question. I recall a group of 3 or 4 business men (pals of D Murray) forking out something like £10m for the rights of the sell on value of our best young players – they were supposed to pay for a big part of their upkeep too – what happened to that scheme?

    Thanks in advance.

    Replied by e-mail

  84. elfideldo Says:

    I haven’t, and it looks like he has signed without actually playing any games. Unless he played in one of these games we are not allowed into. If you want to see any of the the fringe players you can watch them at varied locations such as New St.Mirren Park, Corby, Fleetwood and Hamburg but don’t expect to be allowed to see tham at Murray Park, pathetic really.

    Not been a great season for the youths so no obvious candidates for promotion, all the 17’s that have played have done well, younger 19’s Barrie McKay, Callum Gallagher and Lewis McLeod have been the best performers with Kamil Wiktorski being the best of the 1993’s

  85. symey1 Says:

    I was wondering if you had seen the Namibian boy signed yesterday in action? Also, has anyone really caught your eye this season? Still a sore one losing McGeogh.

  86. elfideldo Says:


    Any time I have seen Aaron he has done okay, but so far he has not broke into the 19’s team. He has played in centre midfield any time I have seen him and is more of a destroyer than creator.

    Apart from Jamie Harney I don’t know of any other NI lad joining at present, somebody did send me a message via the blog a few weeks ago to say George Gray was joining but I have never seen anything from the club on that. The trialist keeper in the first half of this game was from Ireland not sure if it NI or ROI and I never found out his name.

  87. ulster scot Says:

    Hi Elfideldo

    Was just wondering how Aaron McGregor was getting on, as he hasn’t been called up to any N.I youth squads as of yet – what is he main position anyway ?

    Also do you know if any N.I lads have signed for next year ? I heard that Jamie Harney was joining, but not George Gray who was on trial before.

    any other N.I boys look likely to join /

    thanks in advance for any help you can provide

  88. elfideldo Says:

    This is not an official site, its just a fan’s view. I would suggest you write to the club with details of your current boys club and date. time and venue of your next few games and I would think they would send a scout along to one of them.

  89. Iain Houston Says:

    Delighted to see you doing reports,where possible, on the youunger age groups. This gives the boys a buzz .

  90. Jim Purdie Says:

    my son plays for the under 15s calum craig .

  91. elfideldo Says:

    I saw a few of Jamie’s trial games so I wasn’t suprised to see he got a contract. I haven’t seen him play since he signed but hopefully will in the next few weeks

  92. Simmon Says:

    Great site. Keep up the good work. How is Jamie Burrows getting on. An English mate was waxing lyrical about him, think he played U19 amateur last season.

  93. elfideldo Says:

    It takes me long enough to scribble a few notes, if I tried to update Twitter on my phone I would miss most of the game

  94. Kenneth Says:

    Great site. Have you ever considered twittering the matches live? I’m sure that would be appreciated by many more than me.

  95. Jon Says:

    Reserves playing Bulgaria today at Murray Park. I shall be there watching and will update.

  96. albertz11 Says:

    Aaron didn’t sign as far as i’m aware and is trying his luck in Finland.

  97. Hutchie Says:

    Elfi, I too would like to know about this Aaron Spear I remember hearing about him a few years back when we and Arsenal were chasing him. He chose Newcastle but how did he end up back at Gers and how is the lad doing? Any info would be great!

  98. Shaka Says:

    In the last couple of games I noticed a forward Aaron Spear listed. Is this the same guy who was at Newcastle, that was very highly rated and both Scotland and England were chasing to play internationally at youth level? Do you have any details or expectations on his potential?

  99. Alan Wyllie Says:

    Report & pics from the Penicuik v u19s game at the weekend:


    Incidentally it was Wyllie who hit the post with the back heel not Werdly who was replaced at half time by Wyllie – they do look kind of similar though – and it was Robbie Crawford hit the bar with a nice chip.

  100. John Millar Says:

    Pics from last night:-


  101. Ross Says:

    Thanks for the information canaryboy.

    I saw Jack play last night and hope that he can continue to improve for us. Looks a solid enough big boy but wasn’t given much service from the Rangers midfield so was up against it for 60 minutes or so he was on the park.

  102. Canaryboy Says:

    had spotted him and recommended him to Rangers Academy Director and he was asked up for a trial. Its a shame to see him leave Norwich, as when I saw him play he looked strong and was a great link up player, who also scored goals. I hope he gets a chance to play games and an injury free season. Please keep me posted re his games. I suggest you read up on him via Norwich website etc and West Ham website.

  103. Canaryboy Says:

    I have heard that one of the trialist at the end of last season has been offered a contract. His name is Jack Werndly and scored in both of his trial games. He is a striker who came through the West Ham United Academy from the age of 11 and was offered a 2 year scholarship by Tony Carr. He had a good start to his first year ending up with an infection in his groin following a cut to his leg and was out for 3 months. At this time he was leading scorer. He came back from injury and scored a few in the closing games. He was then taken on by Norwich City who had an injury problem with strikers and was offered regular starts. He started well, scoring in most games and was progressing well under Ricky Martin until he was fouled off the ball and broke his collar bone, which kept him out for 3 months. Glasgow Rangers ex scout who moved to Norwich City

  104. elfideldo Says:

    Aaron’s signing has been pretty well documented elsewhere. I did see a few of the games he played on trial last season and thought he would be worth a contract. If you type in “Aaron McGregor ” into the search function on the blog it will bring up brief reports on the games he was involved in. He was signed from Ballymena United and I think he will be a first year 19, so his challenge will be to force his way into the 19’s side.

  105. Hutchie Says:

    We have signed Aaron McGregor…. Any details on him?

  106. elfideldo Says:

    Most likely would be one of the players that are now too old for the 19’s. As Darren Cole has already made his first team debut I’ll go for Kane Hemmings.

  107. Hutchie Says:

    Elfi, stick your neck on the line, who’s going to be the next youngster break into the first team?

  108. elfideldo Says:

    At the moment I don’t know too much about them, I have only seen them once in the friendly against a Queen’s Park side. The both looked solid defenders with out being spectacular. Once the season gets underway we will have a better idea.

  109. Hutchie Says:

    The twins, are there high hopes for these two? Or is one better than the other?

    Great site by the way!

  110. elfideldo Says:

    Only those that have been widely reported, the Skogsrud twins from Man City, Josh Robinson from Linfield and two under 17’s from Northern Ireland, Kris Gibson and Aaron McGregor.

    There were a few trialists at the end of last season I don’t know if any were offered contracts.

  111. Hutchie Says:

    Any new recruits?

  112. elfideldo Says:

    Sorry I don’t have any information reguarding the pre-season games for the Under 19’s. I won’t get any details until the season starts.

  113. Rab Says:

    What pre season fixtures are the Under 19’s looking at this season with exception to Stirling albion and Camuslang Rangers?



  114. elfideldo Says:

    Wayne Drummond was released at the end of the season.

    Chris Johns signed a five year contract with Southampton, I think Rangers offered a three year contract.

  115. ulster scot Says:

    another northern ireland lad, josh robinson, a centre-back from linfield, has signed that makes 6 now I think

    Chris hegarty
    wayne drummond
    andy mitchell
    kris gibson
    matty clarke
    josh robinson.

    do you know if the goalkeeper chris johns has also signed ?

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